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Who Is ACCA?

Anderson Cottonwood Christian Assistance (ACCA) is an association of local area churches who work together to assist people who live in the southern Shasta County area.  

Our workers are all volunteers from participating churches and the local community.

ACCA is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization.  

Our Federal Tax ID # is 94-3039-697.  Donations to ACCA are tax deductible.

What is ACCA?

We provide emergency food assistance to help our clients through a difficult time.  We hope this helps free up resources in order for them to meet other needs like rent, utilities and transportation.

Our food box has a variety of food and staples designed to last a family of four for approximately three days.  In addition to the once monthly food box, our clients can come on any of our distribution days and receive a bread bag which usually has 4-5 bread products and a pastry/dessert item.

We also provide free monthly workshops to help our clients learn to stretch their income to cover their expenses.  Workshops are normally required for anyone who utilizes our emergency services more than three times a year.  Most of our clients find them to be very helpful and worthwhile.

Interested in Helping?

As an all volunteer organization, we work on a very tight budget.

We always welcome donations of food, time, and money to support our programs. 

You may call us at (530) 365-4220 or stop by our food bank at 

2979 East Center Street in Anderson (CA) on Tuesdays or Fridays.


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Anderson Cottonwood Christian Assistance

2979 East Center Street, Anderson, CA 96007

(530) 365-4220





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10:00 am – 1:45 pm





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